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DIY Montessori toddler bed



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Hi there!

I’m Renee

Mom of Oskar and Simon, married to Tom, and living in the southernmost tip of the Netherlands. Follow along to learn how to live life from Scratch! Read more…


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Gardening from Scratch

I love gardening! Do you want to know how to plan a garden? How to grow your own produce? Or beautiful flowers? Learn all about it here!

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DIY seed envelopes

Use these handy seed envelopes to store your seeds!

DIY projects

These DIY projects are about homemade cosmetics, furniture, and more!

Behind the Blog

Hi, I’m Renee

I’m a mom of two boys, Oskar and Simon, pregnant with our third child, and married to Tom. We live in the southernmost tip of the Netherlands.

When I was pregnant with Oskar I became more and more aware of my lifestyle. I wanted to learn how to cook healthier without cooking out of a box, with ingredients that are not full of chemicals and preferably bought locally.

Because I think that several people are looking for a lifestyle that fits this narrative, I started this blog and I want to invite you to go on a journey with me. I want to learn how to start living from scratch, I hope to become more independent and of course healthier!

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picture of Renee in a dress with a sunhead on